10/16/2021 Chase Center, San Francisco, CA

   Traer9  (3/27/2024 3:50:18 PM)

The Carini is the Best Jam of 2021and best since the Covid return.

   rj  (3/21/2024 12:28:26 PM)

This night and the next represent my first two ever shows I got to attend in the flesh. I still remember when the intro notes to Possum hit and I got chills, started jumping and down. Then from Halley’s through the end of the first set was nothing but a good time, groove fire playing. The second set for me was incredibly special. My first show ever and not only do I get a five song set that’s seamless, it starts out with a blissy Gin with a rippin jam into Everything’s Right with Trey doubling down on the overdrive and the song melting eventually into FRANKIE SAYS which I was not expecting. In the moment for me it felt special, I just couldn’t put my finger on it, found out after the fact it was a bust out, and then they end this spectacular set with MOMA DANCE!!! Half of why I ended up becoming a fan of this band was the funk jams and I was not disappointed. Then to top it off with that Carini encore, what an amazing time. In listening back a few years later I think the music still sounds great, both sets were super fun but I think set II was where it was at that night (and the Carini encore).

   Skywalker  (9/15/2023 6:19:10 PM)

Was at this show and it gives me chills every listen through this show was really a statement trey came out of the gate with a flamethrower of music

   Ethan morales  (4/12/2023 7:35:23 PM)

That carini has me shivering still.

   Carini best encore ever?  (10/25/2022 5:34:58 PM)

I get how the novelty of the THANK YOU Harpua was cool and all but if you're a real phish fan we come for the jams and it doesn't get much better than the Carini encore. Even more than year later, still holds up. Such a beautiful bliss jam for a rager of a song. Sits in the neighborhood of Tweezer 12/30/19 as my favorite jams in recent times. From 13 minutes on is just amazing...

   ravinus  (4/9/2022 10:36:04 PM)

46 Days is philthy

   cgub from seatown  (4/4/2022 5:40:45 PM)

I think I'm about halfway through my 3rd listen in the last 7 days on top of the several repeats since Oct 16. I thought this was a fun show when I was lucky enough to see it on a vacation weekend in San Fran. But it just gets better with every listen. That Possum opener pulls me right inevery time. Fun first set and really dope 2nd; especially ER, Frankie, Wedge. Then Carini straight up blew the roof off as I stood there entranced in the sonic bliss. Hell yeah!

   thank you  (3/19/2022 11:00:36 PM)

I come back to this show often. It’s a very special show that perfectly showcases the modern playing style, which is just so fantastic - one can’t help but smile. One of the great shows of the modern era.

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