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Headphones Jam 

   Reba’s Dad  (1/24/2018 8:38:54 AM)

Top notch Phish. What dreams are made of really. These guys fill me up. Thank you.

   No reviews in two years huh  (8/11/2014 12:39:49 PM)

Well il take advantage to have a blank slate almost here to review this. If you like long phish jams you'll prob end up liking this. But to be more specific if you like long smoothly transitioned jams that tend toward the descriptors such as: ambient jam, space jam, ambient space jam, ambient space funk jam, space launch, ethereal "sound of the cosmos", robo-funk....etc etc than you will love this. If you liked the lemonwheel "ambient jam" you will like this. And if like me your addicted to the jamming from the it festival like the IT ya mar, the rock and roll/seven below/scent and subtle sounds jams, and especially the wildly experimental 20 min waves, and the 36 min ghost, the 39 minute 46 days and more importantly the soundcheck and legendary motif creating paradigm shifting "control tower jam" then this headphones jam is for you. And finally if because you love the IT control tower style jamming you have combed through all the 2003 and 2004 shows and listened to all the precursor jams to that control tower and then what came the next year like the 32 minute Saratoga piper and the other saratoga nites walls of the cave and twist and many other jams even some from Coventry (especially the first day). Then you will love this. Now just to specify who I am I love ALL of phish. I love their short compositions and some of my fav stuff is the jazz shows from the mid 80's and the giant country horns stuff and summer 1993 and every year of their existence really except for 2000(really few redeeming qualities of any of the 2000 shows I saw even though I have great memories.) But folks these ambient-space-funk ethereal robo funk space launch type Jams are just a gigantic guilty pleasure of mine. I don't know what it is but I can't get enough of it. It's like the music of the heavens to me. To get to the actual jam ahem starts slow and I distinctly remembering listening to this the first time and turning it off cuz I thought it wasn't what I had hoped it was. But for some reason the next time I learned I just realized I was totally wrong the first time and I not only liked even the beginning that can be a little slow but I don't know the time stamp for it but somewhere after like a good third or more unto it they latch onto a funky baseline and chunky little repetitive groove that come out of this gooey and oozing swamp of layered goodness and they hook this groove and ride it so strongly like I go from dripping acid sonic wash type stuff to wanting to get up and dance but all the while their are still immensely melodious sympathetic polyphonic lines in the background looping and reversing and multiplying and then shattering and fractalizing and this groove begins to spread laterally and expand like the Big Bang outward in all directions no longer a line it's now just dark matter everywhere and then things crystallize and start shimmering again and smoothen out before going through an extended polyrhythmic kind of staccato jam full of angles and obtuse shapes. The jam ends somewhere in this realm and it really takes you on a journey. Sorry I don't have each segment I'm referring to times tamped but just listen and you'll see for yourself. Hell even if you don't like all that it festival and ambient jam stuff I mentioned up before if you just wanna listen to a nice sonic landscape type of music this is it. It's always so amazing to me how phish can emulate or more accurately enter someone else's realm and play their style of music as well or better than they do. I mean I really do,think what without applying themselves to the task of trying to emulate or challenge a guy like Brian eno phish honestly seems to me to be better at his type of ambient sound scapes than he is. I mean half the time they are doing what he does for hours meticulously in a studio they do live as second by second full on improv and do it as well or better. I mean sure there is a funk aspect to their ambient soundscapes thAt separates what they do a bit but really trey is at the forefront of being able to do this kind of thing in the live music application for a guitarist and so are page/mike/and fish at their respective instruments too. Awesome jam guys and thank you to the contest winner for not keeping the jam to yourself. THANKS SO MUCH WHOEVER YOU ARE!!

   Re: NM AND FYI  (8/11/2014 12:04:58 PM)

from what I understand this jam was simply a part of the "undermind" sessions. Fr those not aware phish have a history of just recording jamming sessions in studio and potentially creating songs or musical parts of songs that make it to an album. This became so much easier after they purchased their own-shud I say trey I guess purchased the barn and they no longer had to pay for recording time.(I'm assuming big red doesn't charge his band mates lol). But anyway this happened to be a cohesive jam that is very much along the lines of the ambient jams found scattered throughout 97-98 soundchecks on bootleg tapes, not to mention the lemonwheel "ambient jam" itself and even more like the "it" festival soundcheck and control tower well as the superball IX storage jam. Anyway the Maggie's revenge thing is simply a small portion of this jam that was spliced and edited into a song. So that's it nothing crazy. If you listened and didn't catch it it's prob cuz of the editing or make u just got into the jam and didn't notice what segment was used. Phish first did this with the never before or again heard creation (I won't call song ) "Montana " (not to be confused with Manteca )off of A Live One. I have listened to the 40 odd minute Bozeman,MT Tweezer that "Montana" was supposedly cut from and I'm sure if I really focus I can catch the spot but I'm always so, nto the jam by the time the Montana segment comes I never notice it.. plus because it's never been played live unless you listen to a live one a lot(which I did back in the day but not now)your not that naturally familiar with it so it's just tough to catch it. I mean I'm usually real good with picking up teases and whatnot but Its just one of those weird things. Anyway that's my piece just some info for those interested.

   NM  (11/21/2012 8:02:43 AM)

Awesome jam. I finally got a LivePhish account specifically to listen to this release. I've always been a big fan of the soundcheck jams released as filler on various LivePhish releases, so was excited to finally hear this track. I'm glad I finally got with the times and started downloading from LivePhish. My only disappointment is that despite the description provided there seems to be no "Maggie's Revenge" anywhere in the jam. My only conclusion is that either something in the jam inspired the band to create "Maggie's" afterwards, or it was in fact clipped off the end of this supposedly "unedited" release as the band seems to be heading in a direction similar to "Maggie's" in the last few seconds of the jam. All in all though it's a great piece, despite the absence of "Maggie's Revenge".

   oopap  (6/13/2012 12:16:39 PM)

The bass drum is mixed so harsh, it absolutely ruins this *studio* recording.

Instead of Headphones Jam, it should be called Fish's Kick Drum Jam.

Great jam, terrible mix.

   walfredo  (4/19/2011 1:43:32 PM)

Awesome. Just awesome. Great jam. Like some ppl have said before, Ive been hesitating on getting this jam but I never really under stood why. I mean after all it is a Phish doing what they do best, jamming.

So I snagged this jam 2weeks ago and have been listening to it a lot in my car(great place to listen to this jam) and have fallen in love. The jam is always playing in my head. Round bout the 10min mark fish throws down this heavy beat that. Ive never heard him play anything like it and I love me some fish beats, very cool. That drum beat is the start of this jam which, maybe(?) I think is some of the best 2.0 jamming. I know, I know its only a studio jam and not a live show so some may not give it it's due credit, but I'm one to think that Phish does some of their best work in sound checks(12/29/97, "Funky") and studio jams(The Name is Slick,The Siket Disc). Any who, from that point on they really get ta grooving, with the other 3 members working around that drum beat and its some super groovy stuff.

Very chill
Must have for any Phish fan. Trust me and enjoy

I really do think that the vinyl "Two Soundchecks" that recently released should stop being so limited and come to pls pls pls

   Simple  (4/12/2011 6:58:48 PM)

Okay, this is worth it. Definitely. Amazing jam! Just fantastic. Funky, trippy, scary, crazy, rockin'... all of these describe it at some point. Get it and strap on some good cans and be prepared to go on a helluva good ride.

I did not buy this for the longest time and something got me interested today, so I bought it. I listened to it three times in a row. The last two while studying Immunology for med school. I love to jam some Phish while I study. This will be a regular in my study jams rotation. Killer! I also drive a lot, and I can see that going well with this in the car. Turn it to "11" and roll. Know what I mean?

   Ferk   (11/22/2010 3:28:34 AM)

I fall asleep to this weekly. Great Stuff !

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