12/7/1995 Niagara Falls Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY

   BuffaloShaggy  (12/8/2023 4:45:27 PM)

I was there and young and in a small white dome on a cold night 95… then the Phish just started ripping it up as much for themselves as us under that white bubble… that’s where the slave.. melt.. Reba…mikesweekto Amazing Grace!!! That’s why I love this band and they make you feel like you are connected to the universe every time I hear them

   BuffaloShaggy  (12/8/2023 4:14:53 PM)

This was a Great show!!! Nasty old school melt and mikes….just love the hooters in the crowd and Phish energy… old school great, I still remember this show as one the great ones 1995

   Beza  (12/4/2023 1:24:39 PM)

This has to be the best Slave i’ve ever heard. Fishman’s cymbal play is what makes the hair on my arms dance!!

   JP  (6/12/2023 7:50:48 PM)

An absolute killer show. Many favorites and spot on performances and jams. This may be the best Slave ever played if not one of, underrated Mikes Groove, Melt, Julius, Sleeping Monkey and ACDC BAG (shorter than the best ones but love it), especially Possum. That Possum is ripping and a rager. Love Trey’s phrasing in the solo cause it gives a great example of how phrasing is done, when his phrases are lower in the first half of the jam/solo then it goes higher. This might be the best possum ever along with 5/17/92. This show Is normally the time where I pick out favorites then I could basically list everything on it. A great example of why ‘95 was one of their greatest years if not one of and very inspiring. A must hear show if you haven’t yet. Melt is an evil dark jam that I miss , altho Carini still gives those kinda jams off well. Not much to say that hasn’t been said.

   abone12  (12/9/2022 5:52:14 PM)

First time hearing this show. Like a few comments have already said, a near flawless Slave. Love finding hidden gems like this one.

   Slave  (11/18/2020 3:14:16 PM)

This is the GOAT slave. Absolutely perfect. Savor every note.

   Gamehendge Time Phactory  (12/29/2019 5:50:46 AM)

This Possum is my favorite version, Treys riffing is so smooth, Mike's and Paug are also top notch, Slave is beautiful, Reba rips hard, great show, a lot of better shows out there from 95 that still need releases i sometimes don't understand the choices for what gets put out there but hey I can't REALLY complain about any show from 95 getting released. Listen to this, it's great, hopefully more 95 (and 96) is on the way :-)

   Brod  (11/2/2019 9:44:40 PM)

This is in fact the greatest Slave to the Traffic Light ever played. Feel the leaks vibrate deep within your bones, cry if you need to. Middle of the first set, catching everyone off guard. Mikes groove doesn’t suck either

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